Why Kitesurfsardinia school?

  • Our school was founded in 2006.
  • We are a professional team of kite instructors with many years of teaching experience.
  • We are an IKO-certified team and we are teaching according to an international system with the highest safety and quality standards.
  • We use the latest RRD kite equipment, radio helmet and GoPro video.
  • Best wind statistics, a lagoon with flat and shallow water, safe beach for beginner and advanced kite lessons.

Sardinia is a beautiful country with authentic and untouched landscapes. Sardinian cookery is bursting with intense, fruity and aromatic flavours and offers a rich repertoire of dishes for a memorable culinary experience. Traditional Sardinian cuisine has the taste of the island itself, with fish from the sea, herbs from the mountains and fruit and vegetables ripened in the warm Mediterranean sunshine. It’s a country full of history, with many archaeological sites.

Join us and live a thrilling kite holiday in Sardinia!!!

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