At what age kids can start kitesurf

We get the question all the time: “When can my child can learn to kite?”
Nowadays the kiteboarding equipment is really safe but don’t forgot that kitesurf is still an extreme sport.
In Italy due to the Coast Guard regulations the minimum age to do kitesurf in 14 years old.

The point is not if a kid can handle the power of the kite, off course he can, but in some extreme situation he can loose the control and go in panic.

If your child is old enough, before sign him for a kite course be sure that he has a great confidence swimming in open water, also a free diving experience is very useful.

If you aren’t a kitesurfer, it’s very important that the kite instructor teach you how to

assist your child in starting and landing the kite, and explain you how to understand if the weather and sea conditions are good for your child or not.

Always safety first!

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