Hydro Foil kite lessons and camp

The Hydro Foil board is the new frontier in Kitesurfing.
Our kite school in Sardinia is proud to offer a complete course of six Hydro Foil kite lessons.

The feeling of Hydro Foil Kitesurf is incredible! Not only allow you to ride and enjoy almost without wind, but when the foil lift from the water you feel like flying on the sea.

From our experience many people start foiling by borrowing a friends’ hi-performance hydrofoil. But it’s hard to start with a fast and long mast board. Because of this difficulty, some may feel like this is an impossible sport. The best way to get into this discipline is with the proper equipment and a specific kite lessons plan.

We use the new RRD H-Flight freeride hydrofoil and the RRD Dolphin1 Kite foil board.
To make Kitefoiling easy, we use the ‘RRD Aviation Academy’ package for schools. It uses  three different mast lengths. The standard 90cm ‘Full Flight’ mast, the 40cm ‘Take Off’ and 65cm ‘Touch & Go’ mast.

Our Hydro Foil kite lessons start using the short, 40cm mast, that is designed to develop the necessary skills to come out of the water, to get the feeling of a foil under your feet, and the way you position your body on to the board.

The reaction to the foil is also exactly the same as the full height mast and will allow you to come out of the water, but not at an intimidating height.

Once this stage is mastered, the next lesson is the 65 cm mast. It allows more of a lift above the water and more speed.
Once comfortable with the foil 65 cm mast in many different conditions without issue, in the next lesson you use the full length 90cm mast.

It’s very important to follow this step-by-step approach, only in this way it’s easy to learn the use a hydro foil board.

You can learn to kite with the foilboard booking a course or a kite camp.

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