Best Kite spots in Sardinia

Do you want to learn to kite? Sardinia will be a great place to go.

Sardinia is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for those who love to kite and looking for a kite school and kite lessons. Many direct flights to three main airports Cagliari, Olbia, Alghero from all over Europe. The island also has ports for those who want to come by camper or by car. Sardinia is quite large, and it is almost impossible to visit around it in a week. From the south of Sardinia to the north of Sardinia is about 3h drive.

When is low season in Sardinia from November to April is possible to go kite on any beach. When is high season in Sardinia (bathing season) from mid-June to mid-September it is allowed to kite only in official kite zones. Keep in mind that the laws in Italy may differ from the law of your country. Not all beaches are open for kite lessons and kitesurfing all year.

Kitesurfing in the south of Sardinia will delight you with a large selection of kite spots.

Let’s start the list of the best kite spots in Sardinia from the south.

Kite spot Punta Trettu

Our kite school in Punta Trettu has been teaching since 2014. If you ask me where is the best kite spot in Sardinia, it is definitely Punta Trettu. In fact, if the weather forecast shows 6-8 knots, then the wind will increase to 10-14 knots and you can certainly kite and do kite lessons. The wind intensifies due to its unique location of the kite spot between the island of Sant-Antieco and Sardinia.

Kite spot Poetto Beach

Kite spot Poetto Beach in Cagliari it is a wide sandy beach about 8 km long. Every year in October hundreds of kitesurfers from all over the world gathers for hydrofoil kite competition. In high season kitesurfing is not allowed.

Kite spot Petrol Beach

Kite spot Petrol Beach is just 10 minutes drive from Cagliari. The thermal wind blows usually from May to September and can reach up to 20 knots. North wind direction (Mistral) is not working because the wind is from the coast and very gusty. Conversely, if there is no Mistral wind in the south of Sardinia kite spot Petrol Beach will be a perfect place for kiteboarding.

Kite spot Chia

Kite spot Chia one of the most beautiful beach, surrounded by dunes with clear water is ideal for kite with south wind. You can kitesurf in Chia in the low season from mid-September to mid-June, is more suitable for experts because the South wind can rise waves up to 3 meters. The north wind is offshore, gusty and not safe.

In high season is forbidden to start kite on the beach, lift service (boat) is available.

Kite spot Porto Pino

The wide lagoon is divided into two zones for students and independent riders. A sandy stripe covers part of the lagoon, which gives a great flat water surface for freestyle training, on the other hand, a student area with a sandy bottom and a safe depth, ideal for beginners. The main wind direction is Mistral (Northwest) and Sirocco (South).

Kite spot Porto Pino with crystal clear waters and a wide white sand beach about 6 km long. Depending on the direction of the wind, you should choose the north or south side of the beach to compensate for gusty wind. Main wind direction Mistral (NW) and Sirocco(SW). In high season it is forbidden to kite surf due to the big number of bathers but in the low season, this beach amazes you with beautiful water and small waves. Porto Pino kitesurf  suitable for experts and for hydrofoil kiters.

Kite spot Porto Botte

Kite spot Porto Botte is open lagoon with flat water, a place for those who want to learn to kite and for independent kite surfers. The first kite schools in Sardinia started working here many years ago, and Alessandro was the first who open an official kite zone in Porto Botte. Kite schools offer kite courses and windsurfing lessons, equipment rental is also available.

Kitesurfing Porto Botte for all levels. If you are planning your kite trips in Sardinia this place is worth it.

Kite spot Oristano

In the west coast of Sardinia in the center of the island, there is kite spot Oristano, better known as the surf spot. On the main beach of Torre Grande it is possible to kitesurf in the low season. Kite spot is suitable for independent kiters and for those who like hydrofoil. Nearby is the famous surf spot Capo Mano, the conditions are quite extreme because the waves are quite strong and smash against the rocks, there is no sandy beach.

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