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kitesurf school sardiniaKitesurfschule Sardinien Кайт Школа Сардинии

Kitesurf Sardinia School 10yrs experience
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Kitesurf Sardinia School - IKO certified instructors

Kitesurf Sardinia School: kite courses and advanced lessons

We offer kitesurf course and lessons for every level, from beginner to advanced.

Our kitesurf courses are designed for maximum enjoyment and fast & safe learning.
Student's safety, great lesson quality and advanced teaching methods, including the use of radio communication for immediate feedback for fast learning - and video feedback, are the milestones of our approach that will get you in kitesurfing in the easier, efficient and safe way.

We choose only the best IKO instructors with a long and international experience

because we want to be the Elite of kitesurf school and offer to you only the best!

The IKO - International Kiteboarding Organization is a worldwide network with more than 7000 instructors.
The IKO evaluate its instructors with a quality control check; indeed every students give a feedback to his instructor. The lesson plan and teaching methodology is update every year, that's why the IKO kitesurf schools are the best place in the world to learn and improve kitesurf.

Only private or semiprivate kite lesson.

With a private lesson learning kitesurf will be so easy like eating peanuts! Indeed only when the instructor is 100% focused on you the lesson is tailored on your needs, so the instructor can change or adapt the exercises as necessary.
Private lessons are much more expensive than a group lesson (as example 3-4 students or more for 1 instructor); but the quality is much better and you learn in less than half of time that you spend with group lesson. We provide also semiprivate lesson with 2 students, 1 instructor and 1 kite. Semiprivate are a good option for who want to learn with a friend or is looking for a bit cheap lesson. For the semiprivate lesson we arrange short session of 10 min each, so looking the other student doing the exercise is like that you see yourself at the mirror.

We use Radio Helmets and the Kite Video Clinic System

To offer you the best teaching methodology we use the radio and camcorder. During the course often you have to be far from the instructor so only using the radio you have one hour of real coaching. We film your lesson from waterstart phase, so during the lesson break you watch the video with the instructor, in that way will be much more easy to understand your mistake and learn quickly.

Only our kite school in Sardinia use that tools and methodology!

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport. Only extreme safety and a great experience and competence is the right key to enter in the incredible, amazing world of kitesurfing.

How can i choose a good kite school?
  • Choose only certified instructor!
    In Italy it isn't mandatory to have a instructor certification or licence, so everyone can sell kite course. The most important teaching school network are IKO and VDWS, in Italy we have the FIV, on their website you can check if the school that are you looking as certified instructors or not.
  • Choose only kite school the use radio helmet and video clinic!
    Imagine a lesson without radio: the instructor explain and show you the exercise for 5-10 min; after you practice in the water fro 30-40 min, while the wind is moving you far from the instructor and isn't possible to hear him. So it means that after 3 hrs (average price 150€-200€) of lesson the real coaching time is 30 min (that you should pay 20€-50€). So a lesson without radio is 3 time more expensive that one with the radio. The Kite Video Clinic it's another key to learn quickly, watching your lesson video with the instructor and talking about your mistake is essential for a easy learning.
  • Choose only kite school that do only private lesson!
    Many "cartoon" kite school to offer you a very cheap price, do lesson with 4 or more student for 1 instructor. But to learn kitesurf you need practice, so a lesson where you share the kite with many students is totally useless.

Your time is important, choose the right kite school, choose the best that you can have!
We had hundreds of students from all around the world that start kitesurf in other schools. Often they told us "you are so good..", "the previous courses was so so...", "instructor was good but no radio or video"
That's because your are really important for us. Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us, we do our best to give you the best kite course that you can have!

Kitesurf course Easy:

you want to try kitesurf.. but you don't know yet if you like it or not, or you want to make a present to a friend. It's the course for you at only 99€ for 3 hours lesson!
You will learn how to:
  • first flight with the trainer kite
  • set up of the equipment
  • safety procedures
  • start and land the kite with an assistant
  • flying a 4 lines kite
  • the first bodydrag
The lesson could be semiprivate (2 student 1 instructor).   

Kitesurf course Beginner Basic 6h:

From the first fly to waterstart: price from 210 €
The goal of that course is to give you a good knowledge about safety in kitesurf, good control of the kite and start to ride the board.
You will learn how to:
  • do the spot analysis
  • fly the triner kite
  • to set up the equipment
  • start and land the kite with the help of one assistant
  • body drag "downwind" and upwind
  • do the board recovery in body drag
  • do the self-rescue and the self-pack down
  • first water start and ride

You can choose to have private or semiprivate lessons.
The course is arranged in 3 lessons of 2 hours each, for a total of 6 hours.

330 € for 6hrs private lesson
210 € for 6hrs semiprivate lesson

Kitesurf Course Beginner Superman 12h:

From the first fly to the independence: price from 420 €
This is an intensive kite course, it's designed fro who want to start as total beginner and end as independent kiteboarder!!!
The goal of that course is to give you a good knowledge about safety in kitesurf, ride in both directions, ride with strong wind, riding upwind. You'll become a super kiter!!!
With six kite lessons you will learn how to:
  • do the spot analysis
  • to set up the equipment
  • start and land the kite with the help of one assistant
  • body drag "downwind" and upwind
  • do the board recovery in body drag
  • do the self-rescue and the self-pack down
  • first water start and ride
  • change direction while riding
  • riding up-wind
  • carvings and riding toe side

The course is arranged in 6 lessons of 2 hours each, for a total of 12 hours. We recommend a stay of at least 9 days.

660 € for 12h private lesson

Extra for boat+GoPro lesson: 20 €/h

Kitesurf Course Advanced 5h:

this course is for all intermediate and advanced rider that want to give a boost to their kiting skills! We have three different lesson programs depending on your level.
  • Freeride program: riding upwind, turns, carvings, riding toe side
  • Freestyle program: jumps, rotations, grabs, railey
  • Waveriding program: riding surfboard strapless, carvings, surfing front and back side
For the waveriding program we recommend April and May.
Course duration: 5 hrs private lesson
Price: 300 €
Extra for boat+GoPro lesson: 20 €/h

Kitesurf Course Safety

This course is designed for who learn kitesurf in a lake, and need help to learn what to do on a beach; or for who need to go deeper in safety procedures.
In this course you will learn:
  • do the spot analysis
  • to set up the equipment
  • start and land the kite with the help of one assistant
  • do the self-rescue and the self-pack down
  • right to way rules

Course duration: 2.30 h
Price: 80 €

it could be a group lesson.