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kitesurf school sardiniaKitesurfschule Sardinien Кайт Школа Сардинии

Kitesurf Sardinia School 10yrs experience
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Kitesurf Sardinia School - IKO certified instructors

Kitesurf School Sardinia

Welcome in the paradise of kitesurfing in Sardinia.

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RRD kitesurf school Sardinia

Official RRD Kitesurf School - Sardinia

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Kite lessons

for beginners and advanced

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Wave riding strapless course

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Kite & SUP Camp Sardinia

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Come on, let's have fun.

Our kitesurf school in on south west corner of Sardinia, one of the most windy zone of Mediterranean sea.
Indeed the two straits between Sant'Antioco and San Pietro islands and the rest of Sardinia, and the one between Tunisia and Sardinia boost N-NW and S-SE winds.
We have so good wind statistics that the national electric company built a huge wind farms with 40 wind mills.
The kite centre is on the beautiful Porto Pino beach, a beautiful bay surrounded by a nice pinewood and high white dunes and with a crystal turquoise water. We do the school in partnership with the Lido Oasi Azzurra, and here we have a official kite zone authorized by Sardinia Government and Coastguard.

The lido offer you everything you need to spend a lovely day with your family and friends: the bar, a beach restaurant where you can have delicious meal with very fresh fish, and relax on the sun loungers.
The lido Oasi Azzurra and our kite station in Porto Pino are open from 1 June till 30 September.

The access to the kitezone is only for our customers.
In the other time of the windy season (good time for kite in Sardinia is April-September) we work as itinerant kite school in the spot of: Is Solinas,Porto Pino, Porto Botte, Portoscuso.

Kite Surf School  Sardinia
kite lessons Sardinia
RRD kitesurf school Sardinia
kite school porto pino sardinia
kite travel agency  Sardinia

We offer kite lessons for all level: beginner, advanced, wave riding strapless and Hydrofoil.

Fast learning

Our kite lessons are designed to make you a kitesurfer in few hours.
Most of our students become independent kitesurf in around 8-10 hours of lesson. How is it possible?
Simple: our team is composed by multi-year experienced instructors; we developed an optimized lesson plan; we use radio and video clinics; we use only the best kitesurf equipment from RRD; and above all WE LOVE OUR JOB.

IKO certified Kitesurf Instructors

All our kite instructors are IKO certified. The IKO - International Kiteboarding Organization is the most important worldwide training school for kitesurf instructor.
Furthermore we use to hire only instructors with more than 4-years experience, and with the skills to teach in a variety of spots and wind conditions.
We teach in English, Russian, Italian, German.

Private kite lesson

To learn anything is always faster to take a private lesson. Why?
  • You have your teacher’s undivided attention. He can catch every little mistake. And all of his feedback is going right to you, in as much detail as you could want.
  • The lesson is exactly at your level.The instructor don't need to keep a common level between students with different skills. He's your personal kite trainer.
Don't waste your time and money for cheap group lessons.

Radio helmets and Kite Video Clinics.

We teach using the radio helmet and the GoPro. Those are two fundamental tools that make the difference.
With the radio you can listen all instructor's advices even if you are far from him.
And watching your lesson video you will better understand mistakes.
Only our kite school in Sardinia use both these tools.


we always use helmet, lifejacket and rashvest or wetsuit. Our dinghy boat is always ready to help kiters in trouble. We teach in deep water to avoid the risk of injuries that are common in shallow water.

IKO Student card certification

At the end of your kitesurf course you will receive the IKO Student Card that certify your kiteboarding level. The IKO card is valid worldwide, and it's always required when you want to rent the equipment.

Why choose us?

There are many factors to consider when choosing which kitesurf schools you might like to attend besides the sheer cost of kite lessons.
Factors as: long coaching experience, safety approach (use of helmet, lifejacket, recue boat), good teaching tools, private lessons rather than group, safe teaching spot (deep water no lagoons), and a great passion for this job are very important.
A good kite school have to lay emphasis on these factors and on the quality of its product. If you learn quickly you will enjoy and save money.
You will learn quickly only if you choose a good kite school.

Where we are.
Our office is in Sant'Antioco at 90 km to Cagliari, on the south west coast. The kite school is in Porto Pino beach in the dune area.

The closest airpot is Cagliari-Elmas at 80 km, the other airports Aghero and Olbia are at about 330km

Direct flight connections to Cagliari-Elmas Airport



Czec Republic









United Kingdom

If you don't have from your airport a direct flight to Cagliari, look how to fly to Milan or Rome airport. From these ariport there are frequent connections to Cagliari.
About us:
Alessandro Ferro

The "Boss", my mother use to say that I'm "A dreamer with an endless imagination".
Degree in computer science: I was a software engineer for 8 years, I worked for Siemens and Atos Origin. I was responsible on design and developement of compex web applications like: TimBusiness Portal, Snam Rete Gas, Web Portal di etc. But one day I threw my tie, my suit and keyboard and i start to work as kitesurf instructor. On 2005 i got the authorization from Sardnia central goverment to set up the kitezone of Porto Botte, the first official kitezone in south Sardinia.
On 2006 i start my adventure as kitesurf instructor with the italian certification FKI. On April 2010 I joined to IKO and I did the IKO L1 Water instructor course in the school newKitezone leaded by Agostino Martino, another legend as IKO instructor. On September 2010 I went to Egypt to follow one instructor stage of 2 months in the Pro-KiteAcademy kite school, owned by the IKO Examiner Massimiliano "Max" Piona. The experience that I did working with Max is great. October 2012-April 2013 I was Head Instructor in a kitesurf school Mui Ne-Sardinia, and I came back home with a contract to open my kite school in the pocket!
On July 2013 I reached the highest certification as kitesurf instructor in the IKO:
Level 2 Senior Water.
In November 2013 I open my first kitesurf school abroad: Kitesurf Sardinia in in the beautiful CocoBeach Resort. The school in Sardinia is a total water sport; we teach kitesurf, surf and sail.
In Italy I'm the number 8 as experienced instructor IKO.
Since I join the IKO I trained more than 250 students and taught more than 1350 hours of lesson.
I love to kite and teach kitesurf. I enjoy to see your progress, I enjoy to see your smile after a lesson in our school!!!

Lelya Ermolaeva

I saw the kitesurf for the first time in 2004 at my home spot in St. Petersburg. Since this moment I fall in love to kite and I decided to learn it. In the summer use to kite in St.Petersburg and snowkiteduring winter season. In the winter of 2008 decided make my summer longer and I moved to the hot Sardinia. And after this experience I quit my job in the Bank, I finish University taking a degree in Economics, and I become a kitesurf instructor, beacuse my office desk have to be the beach! I was working all year long in Winter-Spring in Sardinia, and in St. Petersburg during summer.
Summer 2013 Sardinia became my summer home and for this moment my favorite place!

I love kite because its easy and its freedom.In the kite everyone can choose their style, you can kite the waves on the surf, jump various tricks on a twin tip or to conquer the snowy expanses on a snowboard or skis! An integral part of our work is a journey through different countries, each spot is different and gives a new experience.
To teach kite gives me incredible emotions and joy! Progress and smiles of my students is the best of my job !

Anastasia Voloshina

I started kiteboarding in March 2011 during my holiday in Coche island in Venezuela. In October of the same year I move to Sardinia for a kitesurf holiday and I fall in love for kiting and the idea to become instructor. In October 2012 I successfully completed IKO course and I got international IKO instructor certificate and began to gain instructional experience on different spots of the World! Sardinia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Italy!
Today, kiteboarding is my life! :-)

Are you looking for a nice kite station, welcome aboard!
Our storage service includes:
  • storage for kites and board
  • rescue boat
  • assitance for starting and landing the kite
  • first aid-kit
  • chill out area
  • 24h surveillance

  • 1 week: 50€/person
  • 2 week: 80€/person
  • 3 week - 1 month: 130€/person
  • 2 months: 240€/person
Friendly atmosphere, cool music and the wind is FREE!!!
We are proud to offer the latest brand new equipment from our sponsor RRD, Roberto Ricci Designs.

We have available the kites:
  • Passion:freeride allround
  • Obsession:freestyle
  • Religion:the king of waveriding

We have available the boards:
  • Placebo: freeride allround
  • Bliss:freestyle
  • Maquina - Chiatta:kite surfboards

We have available the harness:
  • Stark:Max flex and freedom
  • Shift Pro:Powerful riding and maximum comfort
We provide always the latest brand new equipment from RRD, in our center you never rent old gear.

  • Complete Set (TT board , kite, harness): 30€/h - 80€/day
  • Kite only 20€/h - 50€ day
  • Twin tip: 10€/h - 30€ day
  • Surf Board: 15€/h - 35€ day

Rent if possible if you can show a IKO card with level L3 or higher.