Our Methodology

We offer kite lessons for all level: beginner, advanced, wave riding strapless and Hydrofoil.

Fast learning

Our kite lessons are designed to make you a kitesurfer in few hours. Most of our students become independent kitesurf in around 10-13 hours of lesson. How is it possible?

Simple: our team is composed by multi-year experienced instructors; we developed an optimized lesson plan; we use radio and video clinics; we use only the best kitesurf equipment from RRD; and above all WE LOVE OUR JOB.

IKO certified Kitesurf Instructors

All our kite instructors are IKO certified. The IKO – International Kiteboarding Organization is the most important worldwide training school for kitesurf instructor.

Furthermore we use to hire only instructors with more than 4-years experience, and with the skills to teach in a variety of spots and wind conditions.
We teach in English, Russian, Italian, German.

Private kite lesson

To learn anything is always faster to take a private lesson. Why?
1 – You have your teacher’s undivided attention. He can catch every little mistake. And all of his feedback is going right to you, in as much detail as you could want.
2 – The lesson is exactly at your level. The instructor doesn’t need to keep a common level between students with different skills. He’s your personal kite trainer.
Don’t waste your time and money for cheap 3-5 people group lessons.

Radio helmets and Kite Video Clinics.

We teach using the radio helmet and the GoPro. Those are two fundamental tools that make the difference.
With the radio you can listen all instructor’s advices even if you are far from him.
And watching your lesson video you will better understand mistakes.
Only our kite school in Sardinia use both these tools.

*Video clinics should be booked in advance


We always use helmet, lifejacket and rashvest or wetsuit. Our dinghy boat is always ready to help kiters in trouble. We plan the lessons based on student level and wind conditions. We never give lessons in very strong winds, your safety is more important to us.

IKO Student card certification

At the end of your kitesurf course you will receive the IKO Student Card that certify your kiteboarding level. The IKO card is valid worldwide, and it’s always required when you want to rent the equipment.

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