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kitesurf school sardiniaKitesurfschule Sardinien Кайт Школа Сардинии

Kitesurf Sardinia School 10yrs experience
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Promotion Kite4Young

We like to see more young guys doing kitesurf, we offer 10% discount on all courses with private lesson, and on equipment rental. This promotion is also for boy/girl under 18.

Promotion Fly&Ride

Do you want to fly to Sardinia? And bring your board is very expensive!!!!
No problem: twin tip board 70€/week or surfboard rent 105€/week. If you book one apartment or villa with our real estate agency,, the board rent is just 35€/week for twin tip and 50€/week for the surfboard.
Nb: we require a cash deposit of 450€, any damages or lost will be charged to customer.