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Kite Spot - Kitesurf Sardinia

Here we describe the kite spot where we use to teach. During the summer season we arrange day trip in amazing secret kite spots!!!
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Porto Pino

The beach of Porto Pino is one of the most beautiful beach of sardinia. A stunning white sandy beach with a turquoise sea and high white dunes. The school is in partnership with the Lido Oasi Azzurra, and we have a regular kite zone authorized by Sardinia Government and Coastguard.
The kite spot is great with Mistral (NW) ad SW; West direction is on-shore; and south east direction is a bit gusty.
Porto Pino it's also a nice spot for waveriding, indeed after 2-3 days f strong Mistral i'ts easy to have glassy wave of 1-1.5 mt,and even bigger. The Mistral is side shore from right.
The kiteschool in Porto Pino is open from 1 June till 30 September, in the other period of wind season we teach in Is Solinas.

The access to kite zone is restricted only to the customer of Kitesurf Sardinia School, Beach Bar Oasi Azzurra, Real estate Agency CaseSardegna.

Is Solinas -Porto Botte

The kite spot of Is Solinas is in the southern zone of the bay of Porto Botte. It's beautiful. The beach is surrounded by a grove of juniper trees. Water is very shallow till 80-120 mt from the shore, no waves, no sea currents. Also that spot is perfect for learning and for expert rider that are looking for flat water.
The good winds for kitesurf are only north and north west. During summer season june-september kitesurf is forbidden.